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1 Hidden Lake Tour (BUT-Gomthang (Hidden lake)- BUT) 35 minute helicopter ride 234.000 Enjoy the beautiful valley of Bumthang from the air. This scenic flight will fly towards the north of Bumthang valley over the famous Dhur Tsachu (hot spring) and land into the enchanting mysterious hidden lake. On a beautiful day, one might also get a glimpse of Mt. Gangkhar Puensum. click
2 Traditional Textile Tour (BUT-KHOMA-BUT) 50 minute helicopter ride 567.000 Enjoy the overflying majestic landscape towards Lhuntse, the region known as the ancestral home of our kings. The flight will overfly Lhuntse Rinchentse Dzong situated on a hilltop overlooking Kuri chhu. Towards the south you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the World’s Tallest Guru Nangsey Ziloen statue (157 feet tall) which sits atop a hilltop in Takila. On this tour we can pitstop at Khoma village, popularly known for its intricately patterned silk textile known as Kishuthara, generally worn as kira (traditional wrapper for bhutanese women). click
3 Merak- Sakteng Tour (BUT-SAKTENG-MERAKBUT 110 minute helicopter ride 567.000 Merak meaning “set on fire” and Sakteng meaning “meadow covered with bamboo”. Merak and Sakteng fall under the Trashigang Dzongkhag, the furthest eastern province in Bhutan. Merak-Sakteng Tour is a truly exotic scenic flight exploring one of the most scenic pastoral valleys in the guarded areas of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary, and gradually permeating into the unique lifestyles of the eastern Highlanders as you get a chance to roam the villages on foot in Merak and Sakteng. click
4 Royal Manas Wildlife Tour (BUT-MANAS-BUT) 80 minute helicopter ride 0.000 This captivating tour takes you through one of Bhutan’s oldest preserved areas connected by the wildlife corridors of Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park in the northwest, Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary in the southwest, Phrumsengla National Park in the northern center and Jomotshangkha Wildlife Sanctuary in the south east. Fly into the heart of Royal Manas Wildlife Park, and experience the indigenous flora and fauna in abundance. click